Lengthy EXTRACTIONS For “OUR” Mistakes

3 10 2010

The “SILLY SEASON” of ‘settling’ for WHO/ WHAT will LEAD this nation, ( And WHO will follow!), to a better time of far, and away, from these past TEN years of utter STUPIDITY. (UDDER… they’ve been MILKING THIS.). If you haven’t guessed, the coming mid-term elections.

The intriguing thing about what’s deciding these events has had many explanations offered, from the [ACTUARIAL], through the [OBTUSE], by [\”FIELD\”] observers, and unseen [‘ARCHITECTS‘], this “election” is not FOR THE PEOPLE, although it IS already BY/ (BUY) THE PEOPLE. Sadly, OF THE PEOPLE is NOT what this election is about.

November is about the new [CRUSADES], from 1095 to 1650 “Europe” ran up and down the region that we ARE “bread-crumbing” for the final 111 years to make prophetic “justice” of something.

But, can we fathom what the [COMPOUND \”INTERESTS\”] will be for the [OFFSPRING] that have “grown”up without the ‘farm fresh smell of the slaughtering of a [\’SOW\’] for the BACON? I have a GUT feeling that the [\’FEES\’] may deliver them unto/ into ‘Heaven’ much sooner than we could hope. Look at the [TRAIL] of [TEARS] left by the “newer” ‘imports’ to ‘our’ teachings.

The previous elected, those now, ‘serving’ terms that have been providing a serious rendition of their “understudy”version of the [HAT(e)FIELDS] and [McC(l)OYS], are asking their “con(-ned)stituencies to continue to [BELIEVE] in their bipartisan wisdom, ( wizz…dumb!) about the NATION’S FUTURE overall HEALTH.

I don’t know about you, but, I don’t want my descendant’s collective saliva and urea keeping the grass over my grave healthy.

It’s interesting to note that one of the MOST telling mini-evidences of the continuing shift that has come about with our “best and brightest” in office is how the woman who would have, possibly, become the “leader of the free world” responded to an ‘[ACTRESS]’ who referenced her former employment. The extraction of sense IS a high price to pay for too long a time.

Update: As of Sunday, October THIRD, 2010 the nation wide [STRESS] called “TARP” officially “ended”. Uniquely the SAME day that Germany fulfilled ITS World War ONE “bailout” to the “world”. How’s THAT for a lengthy extraction foe a DEBT !?!




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5 10 2010
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3 10 2010
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