Scripts, CONtributors and Edi(c)tors

15 09 2010

The name of this “blog” is spelled incorrectly, you should have surmised that it really is ‘VIGNETTES AND VISIONS’. I haven’t been “on-the-money” for most of the posts I’ve written,( the stats bear this out.), but there have been “ground rule doubles”.

For the past months the world has watched the “FIRST Man”-of-colour stumble and squirm through situations that were, definitely, set up to make sure that the “melting pot” only gets to let the “creamy” hands actually stir the contents*, (*two meanings. one of which is MAL…).From an Alaskan Adder’s poisonous verbage, through the RUSH* of conservative banter, that found his * “home room” mate trying on the mantle of [FEAR MONGERING],(ISN’T there SOMETHING in the patriot act AGAINST it !?!), the next two years ARE going to seal America’s freedoms away. I don’t know about you, but I have this terrible feeling that the MOAT called WISDOM has been filled in and the TRUE property owners have been tricked into letting bad contractors take off ALL the doors for needless repair.

The next few weeks will tell us stories of more anger and stupidity. The sad fact is that those who are elbowing their way into office are only following the provided GOAT. The time for this country’s citizenry to learn to grow, then [CAN] their food and sew their clothes is closing in QUICKLY.
JOBS… look at how much of our economy has been placed in [SOMEONE] ELSES HANDS, (Then pockets, then “mattresses”.). And they DON’T even “live in the neighborhood”. It will be easy to see YOUR face as this…

... if it isn't already.

The saddest part is that WE didn’t participate in SHAPING the CHANGE. We let our elected “PARTY” away that which we gave them. Which was OUR GOOD SENSE. So, now, we continue to let the demands of digital disinformation serve as our “guiding light”. Not caring to look at OUR compass for the TRUE DIRECTION.

The crystal ball in front of me is clearing of the smoke of these past years, not caring to place the SINGLE portrait of the perpetrator, because the faces of every VOTER won’t fit the confines of the sphere.

As to the title of this post, we’ve ALL failed to stand fast for what this NATION ACTUALLY stands FOR. We have allowed IDIOTS guide us along a road that was MINED by those WE TRUSTED. We listened to stories that HAVE PROVEN to be UNTRUE. And, YET, WE stand on offaled sidewalks BAREFOOT. Telling our children that it’s okay to just watch the parade. I remember the “Joker” giving a parade for ‘Gothom City’… funny how life imitates ART.




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