Roosters: Same Clutch, Same Disease

11 09 2010

There’s nothing like a great [DEJA\’ VU]. “Who-Duh THUNK” that this jovial characterization of suck-sez/ success…

…would be the the [CLUTCH-MATE] of FREEDOM’S [JUDAS GOAT],

. YOU may have heard that today was to be his Grand “debut(t)” as World’s Chief


as his , afore mentioned, clutch mate nictated approval of the planned fuse lighting celebration.

As a NATION remembers those that perished in the HATE and STUPIDITY of 9/11, let us ALL remember to CLEANSE the nesting areas of HATE and STUPIDITY to rid such of the chances for continued INFESTATIONS.




One response

26 09 2010
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