For ALL That WE Dreamt

5 09 2010

Here we are just TWO Months from pulling that “lever” to “decide” just which LIAR we want to sit on their butt and make us BLANCH. HOME was where the HEART was to reside, along with the rest of a “future” promised by “mummy and dadums'” carryover from “The GREATEST Generation”. It’s NOT working the way they said. So, here’s a little ditty that was presented by a troop whose name is exactly what we NEED to right the good ship HOPE… (a) Little FEAT. Listen closely to the lyrics, they are our rock and roll past SCREAMING TO us, (U.S.).

‘NOUGH SAID ? N’est Pas?

Don’t believe me ? Remember that
Time (does) Love a HERO… REMEMBER?

What’s YOUR ‘Uncle going to do ?

Get FAT while NOT HAPPY.




One response

24 09 2010

boom chica wowow

say sump'in n'telligent!

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