“THE NEW FRONTIER” Needs Revisions

24 07 2010

When I was just becoming aware of what “[GOVERNMENT]” meant, in early Elementary schooling, it was the time of a Massachusetts bred Naval war Hero bringing us to a [NEW FRONTIER]. During my subsequent growth/ “maturation” mine was the ending of the generation that fought to “CHANGE” the world from its [RACIAL] walls, and to open the lives of the some in the “rest”of the world to better than [THIS].

And though most of us aren’t [The Smartest Guys in the Room] the more greeds we learned the more we thought it would “GET BETTER”… But it [HASN\’T] since we first gazed upon that “NEW FRONTIER”.

I’d LOVE to type the most cheer-full of outlooks, but until those that CAN make a difference, ( THAT would be ALL HUMANS.), should take their heads out of … (WHEREVER they’ve felt the most comforted)… the SLOW mode. The [GANG RAPE] that our elected have allowed since 1964 isn’t going away ANY time soon.

As we get bombarded by more and MORE disinformation I believe that all should stop the [EVELYN WOOD] way of decision-making and response… OR LACK THEREOF.

The newest frontier, that is before us, is HOW DO WE REGAIN CONTROL of the life-style promised on [MAY, 1787]?

In that we must decide for ourselves… Do we respond to the BELL of PAVLOV, PHILADELPHIA or HEMINGWAY ?

If we DO decide to find the way to a “NEW FRONTIER” are we going to do it so that the erosion STOPS ? Or don’t you think that we can “CHANGE” the disaster we’ve allowed ?




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