Cross-Eyed Cross Hairs

23 06 2010

The “situation” in the Gulf of Mexico has shed light on many decisions of just how corporate greed has shaped the “church” of ‘State’ legislation and judicial clarity. As BP, [\”BURMA PIPELINE\”], has sought to [EASE] their responsibilities that they thought were [\”ALL SEWN UP\”].

Now the BP slap-stick of dip-stick has scripted a new [FOIL]…

[MARTIN L. C. FELDMAN]… and has thrown a skewed vision into the ring of the conservation of the environment.

What more are we to endure from those who feel that they can do whatever? Just one question, dear reader…

HOW can we allow a group that was deftly kicked off these shores, back in the 1700’s, to assert ANY type of authority of what WE CAN do to PROTECT this nation and its citizenry!?! Doesn’t it seem as if they’re trying to find a new tax on that [\”TEXAS TEA\”].

Just where ARE they going to hit next ?




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