Where Is Superman When You Need Him

13 05 2010

It’s been, just over, a year since enough people pulled a lever to make a “tanned” man their President. In the beginning a lot of people envisioned him like this…

… As we’ve gotten to the point of some folks getting SOME sort of health insurance backing there has been a small letting go of the, collective, “held breath”. BUT, just after making the “energy” of gasoline an experimental / proverbial “TOE-IN-THE-WATER”, by making OFF-SHORE DRILLING available, the Dinosaur Brown of [210000 Gallons-per-DAY] is looking to be the GREEN KRYPTONITE passed to this administration from the “glorious” triumverant of [Dick Cheney], [Bush, all of \’em]and [Karl Rove(rer)],

Add the attempted [Re-BLONDING] of America, in the State of Arizona, as another “black-eye” to Lady Liberty, and you’ll be able to see the mirrored [Jorgensen- esque] of…

Phantom Zone 'Nemesis', ZOD,

to the recent ……Arizona Governor Janice Brewer.

As you can surmise the challenges of the world are going to take a lot of SPINACH to get things right/ CORRECT.

The President may NOT be superman, but it will take a super-human effort to correct the STUPIDITY, (IES), of our past “allowances”.

Can “he” turn us back to a time to save the way it SHOULD have been !?! Just WHO do YOU think SHOULD PAY for the GREEDS that have sold a WORLD into SLAVERY ?




say sump'in n'telligent!

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