The BEST Way to STOP ‘1070’

24 04 2010

I DON’T have the energy to write everything that I’d like about the “wonderful” political/ racial climate of the state of Arizona. After the past election and the condition of who ran for what today will be marked as The Day the Earth (Should Have) Stood Still.

Yesterday was [EARTH DAY], 40 years of trying to get people to take CARE of WHAT takes care of us… SO FAR SO GOOD. The [\’CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT\’] had been “over” by 2 years, ( By “official” go(y)vernment statistics.). And, NOW, we have those wonderful “FREE THINKERS” showing this Nation, (AND the WORLD !?!), just how to “HANDLE” ANYONE THAT CROSSES INTO “OUR SOVEREIGN TERRITORY” without PROPER [‘AUTHORI-TIE\’]!!!

Now, just HOW would / should/ COULD SOME UNIQUELY [INFLUENTIAL] “fit” individuals apply the essential [PRESSURES] for the ‘NUTS’ to crack. BASICALLY, it would ONLY take…

1.) A Wallet PINCH from a FINCH, (CARDINALS)


3.) A haunting HOWL of CANUS LATRANS, ( COYOTE)

4.) A HATTER’S MADNESS through ALL the “little” ALICES, ( MERCURY)

5.) Seeing SPOTS as once financial flair become FLARES, (SUN)

With a “TEAM VALUATION”, (FORBES, 2008), of $914 MILLION, (for the CARDINALS), adding the revenue of the adjoining organizations would send Governor Brewer AND those who seek to create as much HATE through STUPIDITY that they can racing back to the chalk board, if / when these individuals ALL quoted a “FEAR” of being stopped, or DETAINED while driving to their “J.O.B”. Arizona’s Governor IS BLONDE …

Government Blonde

A blonde government supervisor called in a subordinate regarding his failure to complete his last task.

Blonde: Sam, I see you only converted 4 out of the 5 books I asked you to convert to Braille. As you know our state needs to make our publications available to everyone including the blind.

Sam: Yes, of course.

Blonde: So what happened with that fifth book?

Sam: You mean the automobile driving manual?…

Imagine the WORLD CUP considering the event being held in the United States NOW !?!

And WHAT are the next generation to do !?!




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