It SHOULDN’T Take a Crystal Ball

27 03 2010

For the past fifteen months the NATION that began as the zygote of a SOCIETY ‘of’ FREEDOM(S) has blossomed into SOMEBODY’S KAMPF. This event has grown greatly, from three Bavarian named individuals being arrested as they sought to attempt the assassination of the county’s first non-(visually.)-European candidate, (to make a complete run for the Presidency of these UNITED STATES of AMERICA). Through a MAJOR “news” network’s FEATURED anchor Woman, ( Liz Trotta), laughing as she gracelessly withdrew her statement [OF]…, for, then, Senator Barack H. Obama. ( WHERE is she NOW ?) We’ve listened to the [birthers] and heard the “whispers” of [MANCHURIAN]- [MULLAH] making the [DEEDS] of the past TWENTY, ‘large mammal’ directed, years all but invisible. But [KBR]* still has its THREE-HUNDRED “odd” “private”- Federal prisons set up for the ‘VERY SOON to ARRIVE’ “RACE RIOTS”* that, NOW, seem to be ready to erupt. * Update: [fear\’s pompacity].

* Addendum: My how quickly great examples present [ THEMSELVES] ! RIFE does IMMITATE “(f)ART”.

How soon do YOU THINK that the Becks and ‘Limppaws’ will finally be allowed to become the GOP’s ‘J. Goebbells’ !?! And WHO will the Pachyderm “Pride” enlist to their “biblical” mechanations ?

I often read the featured political posts of WordPress to act as my own forest ranger, trying to “snipe” the traces of those that carry mental accellerants to another’s “party”. In this I’ve noticed that those who’ve read, then commented in agreement often give their “e-nom” as, something like, “city guy” with their avatar looking like an ‘American’ [Los Luchadores], Walmart camo-boondock hat over black-on-black , [Fearless Fly] sunglasses. The saddest part of their image is that the flash has bounced off of “8mm movie screen” skin. The ensuing, almost sadder, part of their comment is the fact that they downgrade EVERYONE without a current job as, ( YEP, YOU “guessed” it !), BEING ON WELFARE !

As the last of those that ‘we’ call THE GREATEST GENERATION are passing on to a ‘glory’ it seems interesting to me that they, of all who’d NOTICE, have been unaware of the very tactics that they fought and DIED FOR during the two WARS of the early and mid years last century. We’ve HAD OUR #1.) FALSE FLAG, only it wasn’t a “NATIONAL STRUCTURE”, (the German Chancellory Building.), #2.) We’ve allowed the nationwide construction(s) of the North American version of [BUCHENWALD] by KBR. The more interesting facet of this kimberlite is that the architect OF the Nazi “final solution”,was a Meister of the name KARL HEINZ ROVEerer, whose grandson was caught rapping on youtube.

This “ERA’ of anger to/ for a Man that has instilled what couldn’t be done by his Foreign Secretary’s mate Twenty years ago, coupled to the fact that this term of office is UNRAVELING the “trickle-down” and THREE WARS that have finally come “TO ROOST is, arguably, not what the older occupants of ‘THE LAND OF OPPORTUNITY’ were preparing for. THIS WORLD situation IS NOT the “RETIREMENT PACKAGE that was BARGAINED FOR. THIS is NOT the 401K that so many SALTED THEIR BLOOD, SWEAT AND, (NOW), TEARS for… instead of “FOR-THE-LOVE-UH”. (It IS a SPINNING WHEEL .)

the picture that’s been placed into this post NOTICE, shows how those that choose ambivalence DESTROY… to “PRESERVE”.

how 'bout IN STONE !?!

As George Orwell said:”during times of universal DECEIT, TELLING the TRUTH… Becomes a REVOLUTIONARY ACT. WHO was President in 1984 !?

I have many ideas of what WE,THE PEOPLE, ( OUI, The PEOPLE, remember the LADY IS FRECH !), might do to apply a CEASE AND DESIST ORDER on the two-parties’ single, ( read FLATWORM brained!), minded “IF I CAN’T HAVE IT NO ONE WILL” modes operendii. But, then, I’m just a guy HUNTING for salvation, PECKING out a few words that I BELEIVE COULD MAKE a DIFFERENCE. The question IS … CAN the difference be CORRECT, ( NOT right.), for the ‘NEEDS OF THE MANY’…

The above is for those that will follow the “lead” of the [TEXAS BOARD of “EDUCATION”] and their coming ways of “HISTORY”. Seeing RED is NOT a good thing… is it ?




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