Life’s False Doctorate

25 03 2010

I used to think I knew what “life” was

’cause it saved me from most harms.

It was “forgiveness”, passing overs

situations of silenced alarms.

But, (then), those favors made false braveries

I thought, what the heck, I’ll try.

But, now as older, useless shoulders

won’t support “MY WORLD” held high.

Young Bulls crass grazing left no gleanings

while life’s meanings were “fairy tales.

I swim through hazes, CHANGE

and fazes, sternum’s grazed, what WAS “right”


So, salt and pepper, age made me a Leper

pieces left, both, near and (not so) far.

LIES are Death’s helpers, I’m not that Whelp, sir

my ‘truths’ now echo back as HARS.




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