From D’Ellis To Deepak: My INTENT

18 03 2010

Dear Mr. Chopra,

I write to YOU specifically today as I cannot entrust my idea to just be used for advertising. I DO understand that for a Lake to fill a single drop of rain must fall.But, there must also be a basin to gather and hold the many that join it… the many that will travel together as a stream.

Your daughter, Mallika has been given your gift of insight and concern. Through ‘Pepsi-Refresh’ their choice for health ambassador could not have been more fitting. My reason for this open scribe to you is that there is an idea that is larger than the Pepsi provided basin and I’d like to contact one who would know of such.

Since this company gives a certain protection against intellectual theft I hope that there are enough that respect the importance of what they’ll read here.

Simply put Imagine that someone could wear a timepiece that gave them the reading of the current “hour”, but also the current “future” hour. The reading of TIME SURVIVED, like those who’ve stopped their ‘substance abuses’. Or, better yet, those who’ve gained a REMISSION from the devastation of the various Cancers, or Any other malady. Imagine such a tool for the coming revelers participating at the WORLD CUP Soccer matches… I here that the South African government has contemplated Legalizing PROSTITUTION for this LUCRETIVE “moment”. There IS something to aid the combating of this/ these. The question is whether some ONE, or, something will STEP UP without an implementation being coupled to an advertising budget.

Things ARE in place to get this project into the essential “speeds” that can carry it to those that need it. The hold up is that there isn’t enough backing, financial or recognitional, to create its physical existence. THAT is why I’ve risked writing you in this OPEN forum.

You’ve become your own institution, do you have enough psychic acreage to annex to a new vintner ?

To any of you who read this. IF you’ve a knowledge of sending the word of this post’s existance to Deepak Chopra please don’t hesitate to do so. Many will thank and bless you for your doing so, especially D’Ellis.




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