Polarities: Two Views From Around The WORLD

22 01 2010

When I began scribbling blogs I had no idea of just how far a “BRAIN WAVE” could, or would, travel. It is AMAZING that something that we possess has such ability to NOT be hindered until it reaches its uncharted destination(s).

There is this wonderfully intriguing father, his name is TIKNO, an Asian rim dwelling gent that is what I missed becoming when I produced children… A FATHER . And even though he speaks “English” better than I’ll attempt to butcher his native language we FIND those many moments of UNDERSTANDING. By reading TIKNO’s presentations I, also, am able to receive the googl faceted thoughts of those who live in nations that had UNIVERSITIES long before there were [OTTOMANS] “to rest our feet on”. ( Yes, that WAS a political barb !).

The site [ Love-Ely] is where many of “US” ‘A-merrh-kins’ could learn what IS actually on the minds of those that we here call allies… they are MORE than we know, but NOT above teaching the unruly, brash-full child that WE ARE.

In that, the Header of introduction that “defines” this post can be lashed together by reading two articles “back-to-back”…

…[TIKNO\’s observances] and the polarity of [saffronsite]. Please enjoy this example of just how close we really are. And just how IMPORTANT each of us is to one another.

So, to you, TIKNO : Berkati anda teman. Dan hidup Mei memberi anda HIDUP !!!




2 responses

25 01 2010

You have a great insight. Om

23 01 2010

What makes us sad is how “their affection”, no matters children traveling outside the window.

Your post attracted me to add update to yours. Thanks to expand this reflection !


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