Glogal Warming’s Quick Hiatus

12 01 2010

Former Vice-President Al Gore hasn’t been seen making “pitch” about how the Earth is climbing to a boil.

The English are having “a go” at agreement.

And SHIVA’S usual blue… skin is being “raised” to a more Brahman hue, “with a LITTLE help from a FRIEND.

The conglomeration of temperatures below 33 degrees C has [many], from various backgrounds, seeking respite from the [most infuriating ] of cold snaps in Europe of late. There are [reminiscents] of youth, compared to this middle-aged drudgery of worry, sans the delight of missing school. What happens next for Mother Earth ? Remember, a woman CAN change her mind ON ANYTHING she wants… It, SERIOUSLY, behooves us to PAY ATTENTION to the super flexibility of the mind AND NATURE itself. If we don’t, no amount of prognostication will save us, OR our BANK ACCOUNTS.

The only thing that crosses my mind on this is that IF this is the extreme of Winter, and its increasing intensity, IS the heat of Summer going to “follow suit”… Or show Winter “just how it’s done” ?




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12 01 2010
Glogal Warming’s Quick Hiatus - World News Headquarters

[…] Glogal Warming’s Quick Hiatus […]

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