Sports “Heroes”: The “Pedestal’s” NEVER Plumb

12 12 2009

If ex-President George W. Bush had used the type of secrecy and “wantonness” that has been reported in the “scandal” of Tiger Woods Operation SHOCK AND AWE would have rendered the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan OVER… Months ago. 30,182 “casualties”, 4,285 men and women, most likely, ALIVE.

Politics “aside”, the lives of those that perform their sport in its MOST intense, artistic and EXCITING way that is possible always have had those, that believe them a DEITY, cry innumerable dialects of “foul” when their “chosen one” slips,(Or JUMPS.), from the surface. Just HOW many times have we watched Tiger stalk his meals of ‘fowl’, (“Birdies”, with an occassional “Albatross”.), standing as the mighty Bengal that he’s named for ? Having crept within meters, sometimes inches, by one, sometimes two “strides” of the path amid the jungle, ‘fandom’, it’s often heard amongst the fauna’s lowings… “you da’ MAN, Tiger, YOU da’ MAN!!!” He HAS been THE MAN since he was presented to the world by [Mike Douglas] in 1978. This is a YOUNG Man that has been THE BEST at what HE DOES since he was VERY young. AND he doesn’t look like..

…[Rush Limbaugh] ! Best of all Tiger hasn’t said a thing derogatory about ‘HIS’ fellow man.

The problem here is that the teachings of what a “MAN” should be have been replaced with what a Man allows others to see of him. The world we live in now has replaced that of those who fought The “GREAT” War and then the Second of such, the mind sets of great, and grand fathers’ coming into their ‘man-hood’ was NOT born on the strength of THEIR THUMBS. ” No matter HOW “powerful” the man there is ALWAYS a part of him that is vulnerable. Superman/ Kryptonite, not Lois. Achilles/ a Heel, his own. Romulus and Remus,( Because of how they were raised.), “doggey” stylings. That will bring us back to D’OH, (Thanks Homer!)

If any of us can remember so far back, when Tiger first appeared on the P.G.A. horizon, there was a cable, made-for-tv movie that showed a gritty, “AWL- AMAR’KIN-BOUY”, that told his friends a joke about the relationship between Buckwheat and Darla. The joke was of their business relationship and the punchline was told as Buckwheat writing a letter “through” Darla.

[Earl Woods] did a

Masters filled

job of preparing his son for what was to be a good to great life, but as Kal-El found in his trek with common ‘Humans’, the crystals don’t tell EVERY sense ALL they need to know. (Why DO you think that it took so long for Lois to get a “rise” out of Clark in the first place ?) Since this unveiling Tiger has been transformed into MISTER WOODS, not the affable “miracle maker” we’ve come to genuflect around, but, THE MAN. No one can confuse Eldrick of NOT being HUMAN… EVER again. Once, and for ALL, he can awaken to a world that THOUGHT that they KNEW him. To his wonderful children and the WOMAN that made such possible. ( REMEMBER… Even though there are MANY that have claimed that Tiger “luv dem LONG time”, he NEVER “EXTENDED ” the GENES’ POOL(S) to any of those making claim.)

Lastly, how many of the child stars, that are of Tiger’s age, do you recognize as “MEGA-BOX-OFFICE” in ANY of the last ten years ? Name a Rock band that is still playing AND is in the 44114 Zip Code today ! How many new living things have been found in the time that Tiger has found his “groove” ? (The new species highlighted in the report include 519 plants, 279 fish, an average of two previously undiscovered species a week for the past 10 years.).

It IS a, (Rush Limbaugh pointed.), “shame” that these women seem to all resemble Barbie… BUT AMERICA never complained when Hugh Hefner practiced these, ( THANKS, AGAIN, rush !), “DARK ARTS” even into his OCTAGONAL BARRELED eighties. ( And did YOU notice that onetime live in girlfriend, KENDRA, has “made the switch” ?)

Yes Ma’am, and “Sir” this situation is rather perplexing if you can’t stop the reich-ishly [eugenic] bias so perfectly painted blanco y blanco. But if you just remember that this Man has only had this infinitesimal acreage of “personal life”, that is commonly known as a pedestal, for such a short time. Don’t you think that the pedestal would have given Tiger better footing if … WE had used a PLUMB LINE instead of the view from heads thrown back to balance the constant DROPPING of OUR JAWS when we watched this MAN entertain US on this PUBLIC COURSE called LIFE ?

My last thought is for the sponsors and what they may do for the next months of Tiger’s absence from chasing Jack’s records.

D'Ja miss me ?




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