Cries From the “Wilderness” called ECO-Nomics

22 09 2009

I’m quite DUMB when it comes to finances. And the brambles of [predictions], the consequences that we are now experiencing. There have been certain [harbingers] that have, literally, been killed because their works didn’t mesh with an Oligarch. Then there have been the bearers of [consequences] that had worked feverishly against convention only to be [embraced] long after their demise.

As the proverbial shaking out of the dead and dying leaves from [a \’bush\’] we must work forward to a better coming “season” by [composting] the remnants of the past. The societies past, and [present] have always sought to enrich themselves via the constant [\”TRICKLE-][DOWN\”] of the torrents that should cover the [world].

Just how DO we overcome the fear of the [SNAKES] and [Spiders] crawling into our [sleeping bags] when the miles walked ARE in someone elses shoes ? To sleep, perhaps to dream… [but where] can I,( or my children ? And they’re GROWN !), find sanctuary… when the forest, itself, [is DYING] !?!

A pictures worth...

A picture's worth...




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