What a Short Turnaround

19 09 2009

This is going to be extremely short and as TART as I can deliver it.

Ex President Jimmy Carter, A TRUE Southerner and the only man to hold the office as a [NUCLEAR PHYSICIST]. WHO BETTER to hold up his HAND and his CONVICTIONS to say STOP to the “NEW” Racism that has ENGULFED this nation ? It has taken just twelve years to travel/ struggle from Appomattox, to Selma, to Memphis, to Washington, DC… Back to the Slave ship Captain who was guided to pen his redemption…


…in this the WORLD has NOTICED that the difference of this “MELTING POT” finally getting a PROPER “MIX” quickly had a stop of the catalyst’s work, to revert back to the ‘Linked-in’ times of [Aunt Jamima] as covered by those who see footing LOST. Where once a people sought a PEACE-FULL change we Now see the children of their oppressors in their “time of Protest”,. Notice the difference

“You went Barack” is now a simile to “Once you go…” It’s no wonder [a TRAINED EYE] has found the voice to sound this ALARM.

With the Patriot Act STILL firmly in place it makes one wonder… if this were the 1960’s and “the NEGRO” was acting in such manner, you know that they’d have been summarily executed WAY more than there were. But the children and grandchildren of “The Hooded Claw”…

still get away with behavior that prompts most governments to an adverse action.




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