Labors, Celebrating “WHAT”…

7 09 2009

…”If”… “about”… “THE”… “Is happening to ‘Us’ ?”

All statements or questions that have been uttered by people for MILLENNIA. EACH time a country or civilization sees, witnesses, feels or HAS a CHANGE in the way “things” ARE the wonderments and accusations each brake the gates to whatever dam(n) has been repressing it.

ALL the “GREAT” civilizations have been through the HAVE stage, only to bear the self shame of becoming ANOTHER STEP IN HUMANITY’S GROWTH/ EVOLVMENT. there’s nothing MORE to it than that. WE look at a PLATYPUS and wrinkle our brows at the “mish-mash” of other recognizable bits from familiar animals… but there IS a reason for this child of Daffy Duck’s and Taz’s grandchildrens’ finding each other attractive… I CAN’T tell you what that may be, but ONE, ( most likely more.),of us in the world WILL find out “WHAT” that is. It’s ONLY a matter of TIME. In the mean time this Beaver-tailed [MONOTREME] can Hatch, then suckle her babys. WE DON’T know what purpose the Platypus has as yet, but there IS [one] .

WHY did [\’Labor\’ Day] gather so much importance to garner enough votes to become its own oxymoron today? It’s interesting that this day came to being in 1884, by the [Knights of LABOR] having a parade along the streets of New York City. As this nation’s workforce grew AND PROSPERED it was only “natural” for everyone else to want to take a ‘WORK’ day and use it to PARTY with their neighbors.

So as we sit back today and wonder… WHAT ARE FIFTEEN MILLION UNEMPLOYED AMERICANS “celebrating” at THIS moment !?!… we also have to wonder, WHAT is the [President], and ALL the other ‘elected’ “DOING” on this day, at the behest of the American WORKING public ? WHAT !?!




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7 09 2009
doesnt daffy duck have a girlfriend? | Toons Baby

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