“Wolf-Ticket” CASHED !!!

4 09 2009

The season opening, BCS weighted, football game played on a blue based “canvas”, that is the [Boise State] football field, saw the twelfth ranked Broncos literally defend that choice of strength against a sixteenth ranked Oregon. Defensive end [Byron] [Hout] forgot his neighbor State’s mascot name, [DUCK].

If Byron had have listened to Theodore Roosevelt and “SPOKE SOFTLY” while the Boise State defence carried their “[BIG stick]“, he might have also remembered “wolf- ticket” scalpers ‘Bob and Weave’. We’ll have to see the ensuing results of the [\’CROSSED\’ Right] so deftly marked upon the braying Bronco’s mandible by that ‘FOWL’ Le Garrette Blount.

the sweet science

Byron… Le Garrette, it’s bygone. So just SMILE…

An NFL scout told an ESPN analyst that Mr. Blount’s temper has “rendered him completely UNDRAFTABLE”. This was sort of like the national “health care” debates and rallies… only with safety equipment provided.




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