Changing Into a Good Ol’ Bouy

20 08 2009

The more things “CHANGE the more they stay the same. As president Obama greeted NASCAR champion [Jimmie Johnson] to the ‘White’ House on Wednesday August 18, 2009 . It makes sense that two champions of the high degrees of control they, both, must use to get where they have to go would get together and sit down to quaff a Steel City, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Rolling Rock, Schoenling Little King, Budweiser even a Lone Star in celebration. Wendell Scott, Willy T. Ribbs and [Charlie Scott] could have hoped for hope that the official photo-op “should have” been in “SEPIA” tone.

The conversation had is way too beyond me, but I’m sure that Mr. Obama didn’t call on [Maurcia Grant] to referee the occasion’s conversations. I do believe that Bill Lester is hoping his team gets it together for a similar celebration before these four years are over.

Yep, they ARE born with it.

Yep, they ARE "born with it".

And as far as the title goes, this will definitely go a long way to help keep his head above the political surface in the south.




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