And you JUST Couldn’t Believe That…

6 08 2009

… Bush, Cheney AND Obama WERE related.

Well folks, after the “fanciful” flight of the 9/11 ‘false flag’, and eight “WONDERFUL” years of being summarily stripped of (“almost”) every inked-on-HEMP-paper C-O-N-S-T-I-T-U-T-I-O-N-A-L R-I-G-H-T that was bequeathed us ‘CITIZENS’. I have been educated, yet again, of ANOTHER of our “NEW” Leader’s plans to control the “INMATES”. (Guantanamo is NOT enough, it was a “patch test”. WE are now into a full blown INTERNATIONAL/ national movement.)

With the auto industry amidst its publicly administered economical ENEMA the,( here’s the antagonym…), ADMINISTRATION has taken a diabolical digital cue from Running Man, (a movie.), and has taken our twittering fool appetite for the “something-for-nothing”, Ebay your life away, internet communicationistas and given us this…

…Is there ANY question of why [Melissa Hathaway], so quickly, “stepped” away from this ‘easy-open’ can of EASTERN BROWNS ?

It just goes to show you why ‘Gee-Duhb’ hasn’t uddered much, the Cow is STILL churning out that milk, and doing so by a hand that’s got a mean cross-over dribble… or is that: CROSSED OVER DRIVEL, words SMOOTHER than Ice-T, Ice Cube, OR ICEBERG, the “brother” has a patter that Mr. Graham would tear over.

I’ll just leave you with this thought through the omniscient talents of Sylvester Stewert…

The lyrics are ON POINT. It’s “funny” that the more things CHANGE the MORE they stay the same




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