The “Drinking Gourd” Is BROKE

4 08 2009

I’m taking a page construction from citizentools, ( another blog-o-mine.), and toss you this short thought through vision and verb-age.

After bombarding us with the “promise” of NOT taxing the middle-class the Obama financial [wysiwygs], (what you see is what you get.* pay attention to this symbol.), are getting ready to perform another financial SPAYING and NEUTERING of the very HEART of America’s socio-economic foundation of the past seventy years.

And it’s been a very long rode from [Uncle Tom\’s Cabin], to Appomattox,VA, to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. It’s been many lifetimes between Hiram Revels and Blanche Bruce to Barack H. Obama, so what now that a child whose family didn’t have to slake the thirst of Freedom from the [the \’drinking gourd\’], but has donned the robe of leadership as the Pauper and Prince simultaneously.

Dear Mr. President, do “WE” go from…


[this \’HERO\’]…

to Home-in-steads like this !?!

to Home-in-steads like this !?!

The above place is quite near the White House, it might serve as a better meeting ground than Camp David for your Economic “advisers”.

Think about this Mr. Obama, what you do now will/ MAY determine the chances of another child of African heritage becoming the LEADER of the ‘GREATEST’ nation in the WORLD. As Monsieur Lafayette may have queried… Quelle est la cote ? Les de′s sont pipe’s !!!

Are you going to lead us to bondage or freedom,,, can you SOJOURN a TRUTH ?




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