America’s “Old” (?) OPPROBRIUM

23 07 2009

There has been another of “one of THEM ‘SITIASHUNS'” foisted on “ONE” not of EUROPEAN descent/appearance. And it took place not too far from where tea parties were held. As this blog has picked at the fetid scab that RACIAL mis- 1.) UNDERSTANDINGS 2.) READINGS 3.) TAKES that have constantly held back the PROMISE of what this nation should/ could be, instead of (possible) [Emmit Till]-like [outcomes].

Harvard professor [Henry Louis Gates, Jr.] has made a life(‘s) time, and study of what the catalysts of the glues that ARE “HUMANITY”, Its melange of shape, hue and ‘ATTITUDES’. And HIS INTENSE accruements of what those who’ve lived those factors through academic endevors. Had Mr. Gates not been a “tan” Thurston Howell, III of academia…

There are ALWAYS TWO (OR MORE) sides of any story, depending on WHO is telling that “story”, from what “view” they’ve been TRAINED to view it, then tell it. # 1.) [As some HAVE \”learned\”.], #2.)[As It HAS been], #3.)…

As it was TAUGHT.

As it was TAUGHT...

As America strives to …the ‘BEAUTIFUL’… …let NOT ANY ONE of U(.)S(.) forget the common WHY this country was supposed to have “become”.

The ONLY difference between Henry Louis Gates, Jr. and Emmit Till is that some body WOULD have noticed, MUCH SOONER, Mr. Gates’ absence… And that, in itself speaks TOMES of VOLUMES of [THIS American \’OPPROBRIUM\’].

If there is to be any balancing on “the THIN blue line”, those that walk it as their pathway should try it with another’s shoes.




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