DEAR Mr. President

27 06 2009

In order to have



the MANY of us who sought and succeeded in placing a significant CHANGE in this nation you looked ahead, “set”, (As in, held your teeth together, your lips holding your thoughts at the READY.), your jaw and pushed ahead.

Now, less than two-hundred days into your extraordinary new job, you’ve stopped listening to the platinum rules that starched your stances. Just

like the field you stood before the situation of IRAN would have fruited on its own… given its own time of growth and the temperature of ITS “season”, without the “NEED” to “force” that growth. Those that have spread the political [DIOXINS] are stripping your Forest of FUTURE ABILITIES…

… (and what may be in their current practices), ARE turning YOUR decisions into THEIR VICTORIES.

If this first “TEST” of YOURS is NOT handled AS YOUR TEST the entirety of what MAY BE LEFT will be what THEY studied… and FAILED.

When I was young I heard the manager of a bar tell his bouncers to WHISPER to a belligerent drunk. What this does is: 1.) They get CLOSER, to hear if your angry, and 2.) They become much MORE ATTENTIVE. This WORKS… a LOT. DON’T tell IRAN a thing, they CAN’T START a “WAR OF WORDS… if it’s ONLY THEIR VOICE !!!

And, at this time and place, YOUR “FAILURE” IS PASSED TO THE REST OF THE WORLD !




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