Setting Sail

21 06 2009

May 31st 2009, Sunday. The little girl in love with the color pink has donned a royal purple gown, draped proudly over her shoulders, accented by the larger than her head diamond shaped “tonsure” of academia, the “mortarboard”.

Even though 9/10ths of my suggestions about those things that the world demands weren’t heeded, she fulfilled all State and Federal mandates to step from the dock of childhood to the gangway called COLLEGE, on her way to sail the vessel of life. Out of a class of more than 200 4/5ths of her “fellows” are trekking toward a like institution. She IS a remarkable young woman, just a few points shy of the National Honor Society… as a certified “Learning Disability” student. ( Many times, of late, the education system’s “NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND” seems to have stymied the “gifted”, even though American students ‘lag’ other nations’ ability to make their offspring “CAPABLE”.) I believe that those who’ve done the task should receive the compensation.

A few weeks later this post’s title placed itself squarely in my mind. At a graduation rally for those leaving the hallowed halls of “THE” Ohio State University I happened to chance meeting one of the rally’s speakers… “Dr. J.”, VERY un-Bobbie Knight. She was a “master” of the “court” of the mind and human behavior… PSYCHOLOGY. She requested my daughter’s contact when she entered the ‘Scarlet and Gray’ “ARK” of education. The singing of “CARMEN OHIO” sent all present toward Sunday’s commencement ceremony.

As the graduates began filing from the “HORSESHOE”, ( of school Football notoriety.), I began work on the dismantling of the large, portable stage at midfield. We had entered at the, now closed, “end” looking at the thousand(s?) of “finishers” of the race to “catch a BRAINWAVE”. They were seated on the “lucky” side, then dismissed to find their ‘luck’ at the “Shoe’s” “open” end.

As the last gowned ‘acheivers’ were taking their last digital views of the event I noticed that the FLAG was going into evening retirement. The R.O.T.C. of ‘Land’ to receive and fold…

…NEVER before had my perception welded itself to so an important action until the “MIDSHIPMEN” flanked the ‘MAST’/ flagpole then, as commanded, they turned from the item to draw the lanyard holding “OLD GLORY” aloft a distance away. Each took said lanyard and, as one, aligned themselves with one taking a baton/ belaying pin to pull the line taught a few steps further away, and facing the process to take place. (From the top of the flagpole, to the ground, to the baton holder, the lanyard formed a triangle.) On command the lowering of the “MAINSAIL” was quickly, and precisely brought “to the DECK”. Backs bent, arms resembling Casey Jones’ drive-wheel pistons on the famous ride of his Train,,, FULL THROTTLE, a BLUR… into the hands of Plebes.

The ancient “TRIMARAN” of PAST. PRESENT and FUTURE EDUCATION was docked for another quarter year, “SETTING SAIL” to all those lives’ “boats”. Students… now ALUMNI.

And that little girl, in love with the color pink, has chosen this SCARLET and GRAY vessel, just like her Grandmother… 60 years before.




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