140 Days…

17 06 2009

… A world of Trials…

1.) [What price to PAY for a \’FOURTH ESTATE\’.]

2.) [Who packed their \”luggage\”?

3.) [A voice knows the wilderness.]…


1.) [\”Washington\’s opinion\”… ‘David Duke’ with testosterone.

2.) [A name to be dragged, as in Mudd.]

And a situation that my father’s generation has left to their grandchildren, (Something that we MIGHT consider with these BAILOUTS and new AGENCIES.)


4. a.) [Planes,] b. [Trains,] c. [and Automobiles.]

These were a few of “my favorite things” to set before your mind, through your eyes. The question for the week is what new TRIAL will attempt to tip Justice’s hand-held mechanism of Rights and Rightness ?

AND WHO will raise the EARTH’S heart-rate to the point of 212 minute “LUB-DUBS” ?




say sump'in n'telligent!

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