Our “New” Car Makers

10 06 2009

Mr. [Tucker\’s] ghost is standing over Detroit, with arms folded in utter disgust. As the industry that, literally, killed a company that was more than 70 years ahead of its time the folding of, almost 800 Chrysler car dealerships. This is the retribution for the GREED and outright rape of too many conditions for the WORLD’S driving consumer that [Preston Tucker] wasn’t allowed to bring us.

Just how many DECENT examples of truly safe, outstandingly fuel efficient and GORGEOUS vehicles has this nation been refused by the ‘RICO’ MASTERS at the offices at Chevrolet, Ford, and Dodge Brothers!?! Tucker had 50 prototypical gems in 1948 alone. His rolling artwork had three headlights, the center unit moved with the steering wheel to illuminate where one was going to. Most of his inventions are unavailable to the “Big Three”, except the seat belt, (which Chevrolet implemented, almost a quarter century later.).

As the U.S House of Representatives has passed a [bill] to give a $4,500 “rebate” in exchange for the “Royal-Chevron- Toxico” driven gas-guzzlers that have been offered, in one form and then ANOTHER, from Estcourt Station, ME to 18.5° latitude.

There, definitely, WAS a [connection] with the Moguls of motorization, but when he brought a new set of “better” toys to the GAME they summarily drove him “INTO the DIRT”. Now that they themselves are witnessing their corporate, (and personal!), EKG quickly gain a linear pattern they have “FLUFFED” the House and Senate to reciprocate for all their genuflections of the past.

The question to the “crystal ball” is this…

Can the wolves find forgiveness after they’ve dined on the last of the young ?




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