General Motors: To become General *”SEWS”?

29 05 2009

It is now official, the United Auto Workers have given America’s “oldest” automobile company the corporate breathing room it has needed to “EXIT” from its troubles.

I’m not a betting man, but… With the emergence of drivers in countries like………..CHINA, for the sake of driving the proverbial stake point. “Imagine, if you will”, (to quote a ‘Serling’ type of surly thought.), the “American DREAM” being exported to another nation,[Xie, XIE !], without a single “MIDDLE-CLASS” descendant of Mayflower or the”good” ship ‘Jesus’. With the actions that are taking place there may be an Amistad coming into their port soon. [Brotherhood, 1200 for 21000 !?!] Will it take the Chinese one-hundred and one years to see how this [thimblerig] works. Will they accept the patchwork of corporate syncophants. WILL they allow the vehicular version of LaChoy-ism to run amok within the walls seen from the Moon itself? To bring in the smothering quilt of the gasoline/oil ‘thimblerig’?

Luxurious looks at an ECONOMICAL ownership.

Luxurious looks at an ECONOMICAL ownership...

…CAN general Motors, or American CORPORATIONS, bring affordable quality “back” to the incubative nation ?


1.) To gain complete control of; monopolize.

2.) Something “tailored”, masterfully accomplished

3.) As in “tailored” for= tailor someone or something to someone or something to fit or revise someone or something to fit someone or something. The coach tailored his defensive team to the opposition. We can tailor service to your company very easily. I will tailor this suit to your specifications for no extra charge.

(This is a post-post.)In looking at the new “tooling”,( Read the American CONNED-sumer= same old tool.), coming on the agreement just reached
between G.M. and the U.A.W. the “NEW” car coming to “save jobs” and  give drivers better gas mileage is the “[SPARK]”, a car that will more than a decade old by the time it reaches the U.S. showroom floors. Now they want to provide us economy.




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