The BEST Apology…

19 05 2009

…Is a RECTIFICATION, and RESPONSIBILITY, (for ones attitude and ACTIONS.).And IF there are to be no more apologies the [Republican] party MUST step from its actions of the 20th century.

The Baltimore Sun’s 5/19/09 article on GOP President, [Michael Steele] shows just how desperate a REPROBATIVE organization gets after the citizenry rejects their “ways and means” of conducting their interactions.

The “Grand Old Party” hasn’t come to the realization that it’s in the middle of its utra-accute [Curmudgeon] stage of being. And is blaming everyone else because they haven’t and WON’T pay heed to the “self contained” pressures that have messed their undergarments, then stunk up the (world’s) room. Just like the sheet of silicates,( glass= silica-silicon and oxygen[ heated]),the corporate model that they KNOW SO WELL. They are counting on “THE BLACK MAN” to clean up what they find too vile for their “[CHARACTER\”],or “position”.

Preditor as preyed.

Preditor as preyed.

After the public sentiment shown towards their…

most prominent personage and their POLICIES

...most prominent personage and their POLICIES...

…You WOULD think that the Pachyderm “Pride” would take SOME time to access today for tomorrow. But the finger pointing has begun in earnest, (not remembering that for that ONE directing/ diverting attention has a counter ‘balance’ of three returning that attention. And one giving the THUMB’S DOWN, as decision.), and the words are like those of a contrite clergyman caught with the Trustee’s youngest daughter.These are the same people that supported [Thyssen enterprises] in the early 20th century, through today.

It has been said that “those who do not LEARN from the PAST are DOOMED to repeat it”. The reason for this article is primarily to Jog, ( like a fifty caliber shell past the ear!), the reader’s “MIND”, (like in P’s and Q’s.). And to RE-“MIND” them that The DEALER in “THREE-CARD Monty” brings his OWN cards.

Is ALL this “rhetoric” an American dialected version of how the Republican party is driving itself and looking for riders? Would this new political vehicle be placed in Washington D.C. and named a “COUPS De VIL(L)E“. LEAD by that “holy/ wholly” team of Rumsfeld and Cheney?




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