9 05 2009

Those that “WE” have elected to do the duties that are necessary to keep a group functional ALL work TOGETHER , WITH NO REAL DIFFERENCE OF IDEOLOGY. You were warned about how well they’ve trained you by those delightful little [\”BELLS\”] “digitally MASTERED” for you submission. Now we come to learn that the “CHENEY/ CHAIN of command KNEW of the INQUISITIONAL extremes.

As this ‘United States of America’ is to avoid the Bart Simpson quote of “United SNAKES of A Merry Cow”, it would be PRUDENT for the elected to resubmit theIr LOYALTIES to their constituency, where they “primarily” are called the name “NEIGHBOR”. The question I MUST ask is, If “WE” are the light of DEMOCRACY, and what FREEDOM exemplifies, are we to include past [TECHNIQUES] to ensure that new definition that IS past zygote ?

When those that are supposed to be “leading” are feeding the community Rye while searching for their [next \”WITCH\”/ WHICH] it is always a “BAD TRIP” to take. The most shameful part of their sham is that they believe themselves a new ‘ARISTOCRACY’. Or, are “WE, the PEOPLE”, now to suffer… “to sleep, perhaps to dream” ?

The “Purple” mounted “majesties”= the red and blue elected… They Are ONE… AND… the SAME.




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