RNC: “STEELE-ING” the Reasons…

3 03 2009

… of why we pick our leaders.

I have to admit that some of the “blunder”-bussed verbage that Rush “Limppaw” spewed across the new digital fly-way did contain some points that were meritable… but then so does every would-be totalitarian. His call for the CON-servative neighbor-HOOD to “TAKE BACK” America looked disarmingly like retouched stills of a D.W. Griffith film, brought into the ‘TALKIE” age but with enhanced contempt/ content. [Weeble in $2k suit.] The funny thing is that Rush chose a very un-slimming “BLACK” Ron Jeremy era design.Nough said.

‘Nough said.

But more than the “udder” weight of Mr. Limppaw’s “BUTTERING” of the BATTERED Pachyderm “PRIDE” was the “COCOA CRISPY” response of new R.N.C. chair Michael Steele, ( Former Brother-IN-“Law” to another Mike… TYSON ! [Steele: a way.]), and his assertion that HE was the one holding the reigns, (deftly avoiding the family penchant to attack Rush’s Incus,malleus and stapes’ outer cover.), NOT the “RADIO STAR” turned political party “SAVIOR”, [Where have we heard someone say \”I\’m IN CHARGE\” before !?!].

As all of this fighting and ‘accusatorical’ energy is good for those supplying the tons of LANOLIN RICH eye goggles being handed out to the citizenry. I ask you, the ( HOPE-FULL) reader to do something that can’t be stopped by the elected… ASK THEM WHAT IN HADES NAME ARE THEY DOING TO HELP YOU !!! Ask them to give you their explanation in front of your eight year old daughter, or son, so that THEY will UNDERSTAND what THEY are going to school for, and what THEY’LL HAVE to MAKE for an “INCOME” to re-pay the CORPORATE GIFTS that these “INTELLIGENT” leaders of “DE- MOC(K)RACY” have “BLESSED” them with.

And to you, “my fellow AMERICANS”, who just happen to see things a “TAD DIFFERENT”, I say this… No matter what you, or I, do to make this nation work FOR US, ( just put a period behind each letter.), we MUST remember that the complete AND OFFICIAL Name of this LAND we call “HOME” starts with U.N.I.T.E.D., “the”is just a grammatical nicety.

With as much hoopla as the Republican, (Let’s see them achieve those last three letters of their name.), party has made in their selecting a PERSON “Of COLOUR” it is very bothersome to me that it took ONLY A FEW WEEKS for the ‘BLOATED VISAGE’ of the rewards of the “Grand Old Party” to decide to digitally conduct a “DEMI-COUP” when the nation is in such NEED of TRUE LEADERSHIP, especially when we’ve always told our children that the “BETTER PERSON” waits for the “RIGHT” TIME to show their opponent how BEST to… GET THE JOB DONE !!!

My rant’s final passage is this, IF the “leadership” of the “NEW’ faces of the Republican Party continue to ‘wish’ failure upon someone who is attempting to REVIVE a NATION that IS REAPING the best that THEIR past “leadership” has THRUST into a doubled over world, how will they recover ANYTHING… if THIS President FAILS AS COMPLETELY as the HIS PREDECESSOR !?!




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15 03 2009
Dixie Copeland

Saw Rush speech. What a piece of work. Like the “battery bunny,” he just keeps on going and going. I was hoping I’d be proved wrong. Good article! ~Dixie

3 03 2009
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