The “Urban” Challenge:

8 02 2009

Preparing OUR children for a WORLD not of their making.

The last post here got a comment from a CINDY P of the ATITLAN Spanish School, [\”AMERICA\” is more than from Canada to Mexico.], and what she wrote coincided with what I had just jotted down for this ensuing article, giving me the needed parameters for what the rest of the title was to say…

Innovation Teaches Education. As a person who is “a child of the sixties”, with all of its turmoils of ‘what we were’, what we are too become. What we, as “the most powerful” nation, had to do to preserve those things that “kept” us “ahead” of the world in the things that made sure we “KEPT AHEAD”. But, we’d begun to become prideful, protectionists in what we thought was the “correct” path in preparing the ensuing group “of” our nations “best and brightest”. The first problem I noticed in this way of thinking was when I was in elementary school… we had a young man from Germany enter a third-grade class and he spoke “English” better than 75% of his class-mates, besides having some of the “neatest” European made gizmos, (his bicycle.), we’d ever seen. (It was 20 years before I saw an American bicycle company adopt the practicalities of what we, now, know as the “Mountain”-bike, with its type of handle bars and such. Yet WE think that it’s a “unique” invention of “American” thinking. Look at movies from the late 40’s and you’ll see what I’m writing about.) Even today, as this nation is being told that OUR CHILDREN are NOT BEING PREPARED for what the FUTURE of living within the confines of this UNIVERSE are to be, we have “Educators” that INSIST on blockading this country’s future from its neighbors, and how to UNDERSTAND THEM. [Homeland \’STUPIDITY\’.], [Here\’s another 27,300,000 examples. ]. We “wonder” why and how the rest of the world can walk onto these “STREETS PAVED WITH GOLD” and IMMEDIATELY SUCCEED… to tell you, it’s very SIMPLE, THEY ARE TAUGHT THE WAYS OF THEIR “ENEMIES” AND THEIR “FRIENDS”. Since society and time has taught them that NEITHER LASTS it IS BEST to have as MANY TOOLS,( especially those that are used by the “regions inhabitants”.), that ONE may carry for SURVIVAL’S SUCCESS.

As this has been titled the URBAN Challenge I must then move to the problems of “THE CITY” itself. Most cities of size are, most often, the containing acreages of “THE MINORITY”, “BLACK”, rapidly growing to “BROWN”, as in Spanish SPEAKING, children that, more often than not, aren’t privy to their parents being able to afford the TAX BASE to load their child’s classroom with a STATE-OF-THE-ART computer LAB, THEATRE, MUSIC DEPARTMENT… OR… a teaching staff that IS NOT afraid to reach BEYOND what is REQUIRED. If our legislators would CONCERN THEMSELVES with how they will feed the VOTERS to come… MENTALLY,SPIRITUALLY and PHYSICALLY… THEN I’m sure that this GROUP of IMMIGRANTS calling themselves AMERICANS would put aside the petty differences and STUDY the SIMILARITIES that WOULD bring the BETTER things of living on this rock FOR EACH OTHER.

In suggesting INNOVATION, [The word defined by \”itself\”.], the act, action should be done is such a MANNER, [Dan\’l says…], that makes for the next group of INDIVIDUALS being able to accept each one as having a PIECE of the proverbial “Pie’s” ingredients and the processes to make it “right”, ( even though the “other’s” PREFERENCES may vary.), and make it HEALTHY, (as in production NOT giving distress.), for any and all who may wish to partake. This cannot be done without the reaching OUT, and TO as MANY AREAS as possible… WITH sincerity and permission, permission granted due to the asker not using the knowledges for destructive advantages. A word that may give this babble some teeth is:CONURBANATION,[Something we ALL should realize.], a descriptive that we must put into the WHY of the term, URBAN, in the title. Here’s an example of what this article infers:[Learning from ANYWHERE.] It’s all a matter of … IT MATTERS.

Its about ALL of US.

It's about ALL of US.

THIS is the STIMULUS PACKAGE that this nation has NEEDED for OVER SEVENTY YEARS !!! ( To the TWELVETH POWER !)




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16 02 2009
learn speak spanish

learn speak spanish…

Have your own Spanish teacher, virtually “on call” 24 hours a day!…

11 02 2009

Resistance will produce another reaction (problem). And each reaction will produce another resistance (as opposite). Sadly these resistance came from “ego”.

Generally human easy finding similarities from “friends” than from “enemies”, although, in fact, they could find the similarities in it. One day, “friend” could become “enemy” and “enemy” could become “friend”.

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