We THE People Need Stimulated

6 02 2009

When an admitted tax cheat can head the TREASURY department and 850 BILLION DOLLARS is added to One point THREE TRILLION DOLLARS of the, plentifully, “common” tax payer’s fundings for their well being, something in the phrase CHANGE is suddenly sounding UGLY. [ Dear Mr. President,would you kindly stimulate MY bank account ?]I’m going to make this rant/ suggestion very short.

If President Obama truly wanted to set the citizenry of this nation into a positive all he would have to do is freeze where home prices are now, along with making INSURANCE extremely available, make private citizens able to incorporate their many innovations for THIS and other economies… THEN TAKE THESE MONIES, THAT HE’S BEEN GIVING AWAY TO THE ONES THAT CAUSED THIS FIASCO, AND PLACE IT INTO THE BANK ACCOUNTS OF THE 227,719,424 CENSUS COUNTED 18 YEARS OLD AND ABOVE, we’d STOP this ” LEGAL CORPORATE PIRATING ACT” THAT CONGRESS,(NOT PROGRESS !!), BEEN DOLING OUT TO THEIR TOO CLOSE FRIENDS AND ASSOCIATES. He should do this SERVICE to HIS VOTING CONSTITUENCY AT THE GOVERNMENT GUARANTEED SUM OF TWO MILLION DOLLARS PER PERSON. This WOULD be FAR LESS than what the THIEVES from WALL STREET HAVE MANAGED TO SCURRILOUSLY SQUANDER ON THEMSELVES.

With this type of ACTION it will certainly spur the ECONOMY into gear, and with the scare that this RECESSION has rendered on the WORLD it would make perfect SENSE to put the EXTREME SUM OF TRILLIONS where it will DO THE MOST GOOD.

YES, some WILL “throw it ALL away”, but isn’t that a far less sum, (one person/ $2,000,000 versus one corporation/ $25,000,000,000), when the PEOPLE are WHAT THE CONCERN ACTUALLY IS !?!

NOW… ISN’T THIS SUGGESTION A TRUE change from the time-bomb that our “best and brightest” have given to this country and the WORLD ?

So while you “NEW” cabinet “Dances WITH Wolves”, even though they’ve just come from the “GROOMER’S” themselves, I am “HOPING” that the Palosi, ( CHENEY in DRAG !?!), influences that ARE being felt out here will SOON STOP. Hey, MAN, this is very much like the 1930’s…

Or as this trill explains THIS “BAILOUT”… …Even a CHILD can understand. (Sung by: Nancy and Timothy)

And, let US not forget what we learned on that non-digitized television of OUR youth…

Share this with YOUR SENATOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




4 responses

7 02 2009

It’s interesting that a corporate “hand” is finally developing a “guiding touch ” to how its market is feeling. Thank You.

7 02 2009

Thanks, wait until you read what’s to be on education as the “melder” of Nord y Sud America. Coming soon.

6 02 2009
Cindy P

You are right, its horrendouz how much money is going directly to bankers and executives with cero acountability!

6 02 2009
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