A Response to Njoroge Wachai

29 01 2009

From the POSTAL GLOBE: [Africa calls to Her SON.] A journalist calls out to a “close” relative for help and guidance.

Dear SIR, I use the term “sir” for the etymology of the term: a shortening of the formal address ‘SIRE’, meaning Father, Pater, etc.. As you have brought the fact so prominently to the foreground in your terse to President Obama, YES, we who need no time in a tanning bed are to consider “OUR” progenitorial homeland of Africa.

Mr. Wachai, after so many years of this type of “life-style” how is it that the populations of Mother Africa have NOT stopped this themselves ? Why do so many of her SONS BOW to the false strength of serving greed instead of serving their FAMILIES ? We, your STOLEN cousins, constantly read of how the “pride” of manhood dictates that “when he stands to honor his desire”, [Wrap\’t Scallions], that if it is NOT for CONTINUING the bloodline that clothing itself for “a better day” is unnecessary, (Thus the ATROCITIES of HIV/AIDS !). Couple that with the “sociological immolations” of Soldiers killing future societies through the practice of RAPE, [ Pick a country.] and sexual disfigurements […With MALICE of forethought.] being blanketed on their only source of continuing a nation. These are the sources of misused “power”. We, here, suffer the same type of societal deficiencies but attribute them to a “GANG”. I imagine that is what our race is prone to… “TRIBE” before all. It should be better, but until the continent removes this greatest of progress negating practices the “Pack” mentality will always destroy the BEAUTY that Africa will ALWAYS offer.

With these generational underpinnings that continually prop up those who finally “reach” the top of the “Order”, what do you suggest that President Obama install as a “first action” so that GRACE and BEAUTY return to the people of AFRICA ? So that THEY may, again and still, mirror one of creation’s greatest works of natural ART ?

As it should be.

As it should be.




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