Pimpin’ ain’t EASY

25 01 2009

Ty, Inc. of Westmont, Illinois [If you\’re gonna\’ make money off the PRESIDENT\’S Daughters…], you KNOW them as the makers of BEANIE BABIES. When “my” daughter was a preteen/ tween/ preen… oh, sorry, those days were wonderful with HER innocence, but the “B.B.’s” were insidiously marketed at that time. And, now, it seems that those former GURU’S of the FLEA MARKET FUNK have tried to instill some “flavah” of the BRATZ by M.G.A.. Ty Warner is a multi- millionaire due to his brilliant leveraging of the thought of taking that cuddly stuffed toy that lay across a child’s bed, then making it small enough to be “snuck” into school in their pockets.The eerieness of this is that it hinges on the fact that the BRATZ dolls “branding”a “PORINIFICATION” factor into/onto the psyche of a ‘little’ girls growth imaginations. [Toy company creating \”mini-pole-stars\”] This seems too much like the ability to have a carry-all-the-time “Pocket- Pretty Baby”… USING the PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTERS. The “CREEP FACTOR” grows exponentially, ( times THREE. 1.) The toy company, that named a doll after the young daughters of one of the most powerful politicians in the “free” world…and as quiet as it’s kept a LAWYER TOO, WITHOUT both parents’ PERMISSION. 2.) The “Parent” that would have their child play with an “approved” toy tested by “Dr. SCHALLOCH”. 3.) The child that BELIEVES that THIS TOY represents ONE of their stronger future ideals.)

Just HOW close IS Westmont or Oakbrook, Illinois to the Chicago, Illinois offices of, then Senator Barack H. Obama ? The design and development time factors must have been “close enough” that Mr. Warner’s staff took one of the other dolls, darkened, but not enough to be mistaken for something from the “P.J.’s”, (Eddie Murphy’s “mud-mation” show:”P.J.”= Ebonics for “the PROJECTS”.), the dye for the skin, and used really infinitesimal “enhancements” to bring these dolls “up to speed. Did SOMEONE forget to make a SIMPLE phone call “to the Black-BARRY ?” And, Just to drive this point home, was there anyone in marketing who didn’t know that NOBODY had ASKED Mr. OR Mrs. OBAMA permission, (a great word: “of task”/authorization), to use their female offspring as bait for the monetary maulers of “new-mensii”. [In order to make Iron magnetic strike it…]

I DO believe that corporate management is HIGH these folks have buried, (obviously done while marketing was “ALIVE”.), 99.999…(to a Google.) of its recoverabilities. And they have gotten to the point that they believe that they have every right to do what they want … EVEN TO THE PRESIDENT’S DAUGHTERS.




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19 02 2009

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