22 01 2009

Two days and counting. In the ensuing time FORWARD our legislators will be “assuming” new guises and guiles,[There can be various colorings to \”transparencies\”.], most with the frequency of OZ. And as OZ this nation shouldn’t become too quick to accept something just because it is “new”. A new day, a new way… of repeating OLD OFFENSES, the same LIES spoken through our children’s creatively adaptive jargons. When the “world” is “resting” from the celebrations of RELIEF we should know that, as in ‘SPORT’, the vanquished go immediately to review and PLAN how the next “day” will end.

The wings that provide the loft of a MAYFLY are built to last for only 24 hours, the Creator’s transportation for a species’ “booty-call” of existence. Transparent , so that only the aroused body/ thorax is focused on. Whereas a Dragonfly possesses those same gossamer window panes of gravitational escape, but as a device of a prehistoric F-22. Stealth. Death.

As we are drawn to a Theda Bara type of transparent cover, in the designers hope that they’ve found an enticement to keep us from paying attention to the bad dialog and sets that movies like “WAG the DOG” have shown us is being used on/ around us consistently.

It is my hope that the seeming transparency of a simple red beam of light will trip up the few that will always try to veil some poor action. And protect the contents of the OWNERS.




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