January 19, 2009: the day BEFORE…

19 01 2009

An ‘IMPORTANT‘ birthday is the “oven” for the cake of the inauguration of newly elected President Barack Hussein Obama, [Seeking \”the DREAM\” from the deepest of sleeps.], and the hopes of a WORLD. It is a strange coincidence that the events (as tragedy) in the GAZA “arena” have miraculously declined, as the “perpetra(i)tors” “sheepishly” await the new American [Hephaestus] and what forms he’ll hammer into the spines of those who “reign” only for themselves. The hope, through ‘promise’, is that there will BE a CHANGE that will INCLUDE the BEST of what’s NEEDED for all.

No matter WHAT anyone has thought of how “far” “WE’VE” come since the political positioning of the EMANCIPATION PROCLAMATION [On Lincoln] the only measure that will determine distance is TIME.

May TODAY bring a FUSE… not as the starting device for destruction, but an elixir of attractive materials to bind a group of people to their SIMILARITIES.

May whatever name you, IN (not OF) this world, call to who you WORSHIP, call for UNDERSTANDING, PEACE, PATIENCE and TIME. Because ALL of these afore mentioned actions are going out of existence as you read this post.

Learning at EYE/AYE level.

Learning at EYE/AYE level.




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