A “Winner’s” Helping Hand…

13 01 2009

… Bitten by the mouth it fed.

As the world prepares a “frond’s” adieu. After it has consistently waved its allegiance over the tepid brows of ‘Corp-Reich’s interests. We are finally to be unbound to the Richard Cheney/ george w. bush “Reign-of-ERROR”. But as one that had given “up”so much to “the man in the Big House” Condoleezza Rice received her THANK YOU in the ONLY way that a “man” of this stature knew. After all the time they’d spent tussling, with the world wondering just how did this woman KNOW what this man “needed”, to accomplish setting an entire region, then world, alight with Democracy’s ‘ARDOR’. Just when the nation and the world had come to relish the diplomatic embrace of a woman’s practicalities Gee-Dub stops her “communo-sentieo”, (the good sense of neighborhood moms.),ability to separate the TWO brawling ‘COUSINS’. (Ishmael and Issac) It seems that “georgie’s “‘Porgie’ couldn’t let his “SUPER SLINGSHOT” toting “non-com-patriot” ‘steam-bath-buddy’, Ehud Olmert, not HAVE that final KNOCK-DOWN, DRAGGED-OUT ( “I AIN’T quittin’ ’til the “WORLD” ends!”), do-ALL-to END-ALL on that chunk-o-dirt called GAZA. (Qassams=21 (of Issac) to 257 children (of Ishmael). [ I don\’t count as well.]

It should have come as no surprise to Ms. Rice that after the drubbing of Africa’s largest by a virtual “political Pygmy”, that ANY attempt by a person of color, especially female, to assert a positive action would be “personally” watered DOWN. [\”I\’LL tell ya\’ WHEN MY party\’s OVER !]

Ms. Rice HAS been the consummate LADY (in waiting) for someone ,(anyone), to realize the infinate skills that she had honed for just this moment. A disposition that was NOT the beautiful “THUGEE” that was all too previlent in the “administration of perpetration”. Who of US really knows what Condoleezza may have accomplished HAD she been within a more righteous regime ?

Two different Judas, two different Ehuds.

Two different Judas', two different Ehuds.

With so few days left to do something positive FOR, (instead of TO !?!), the WORLD Condoleezza Rice has finally been shown the same treatment that she had vehemently DENIED happening to others around her. There’s only one thing to say to someone who has been in (with) the dark for so long.


Forgiveness= The scent of the soul of a flower,

spread across the heel of the BOOT… that has JUST trampled it.

I have to believe that this is what Ms. Rice was seeking…




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