The “Winners” Write History…

7 01 2009

…Especially when they are controlling “who” SEES it.

In this era of “flash” information and, almost, everyone having the ablility to ‘capture’, then distribute the event(s) to any “edge” of this globe the ISRAELI “PREEMPTIVE” WAR, [\”I’ll KILL YOU before you can (plan to) kill ME.], is proving to be a “WATERLOO”. It’s a SHAME that those that don’t aim lethal projectiles are the ones with the targets on them. [The United Nations School WAS \’targeted\’.] And if they’re “not” being targeted that says a “GOOGLE” about how well the modern weapons systems “work”.

As many may have questioned about the previous 50 years, what IS this ground labeled that the indigenous PEOPLE have been relieved of THEIR RIGHTS? (This is a “thorny” question to the ‘Progeny’ of “Plymouth” [of the AMERICAS] after 233 years.) Now, before you label this post “prejudiced or crackpot”, I do hope that you have read the small, but significant description of what the ‘nom-de plum’ actually stands for, if not do so. Just what is Israel as a “STATE” ? [A \”state\”ment of what ?] And, as there is the “evidentiary” record of faith, the People comprising the State of Israel will always call upon the “blessings” of that “Higher” power in validation of the very thing attempted on them in World War Two. (When Joshua took Moses’ place G-D instructed him to “RID” the area of those that inhabited the land already as Israel took on their “Promised Lands”.) In modern times of psychological observation there is the premise that a “captive”, after a length of time with an “oppressor”, will over time assume some of the characteristics/ “opinions”/ “ways” of those that are abusing them. Thus inadvertantly incorporating those faults into their “communal makeup”. (I cannot say that this is true, but I do see this type of scenario in the African American community via OUR calling each other ‘NIGGER’ instead of by name. Or accepting the use of lighter hued individuals, in advertising and other public representations, as what is “desirable”/ advantageous to be.)

In all, the “RECORD” of those things/ events that have taken place around this world ARE being set to Paper or “Stone”(“silicon”), an element [Not so \”DUMB\rocks.] that reaches from the “HEAVENS”. In, and ON, that note it would appear that no matter what someone tries to tell us of the who, what, when, where, why, AND HOW they did something they will NO LONGER be able to blur/change the actual events. The sound and sight of Death was watered down through the media… but Death will not be so ignorable when you’re soon able get its olfactoral “educations” along with your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

As a probably infuriating thought about the FORTY young KILLED at the U.N. School on the FOURTH day of January, 2009 is the “possible” linking of that number to the equivalent years of penance for the sins of a generation, only visited in reverse… BY the “sinner”?

Children paying for the SINS of ADULT.

Children paying for the SINS of "ADULTS".

And “they” are trying to keep the “actual events” to themselves…on February 9, 2009 the reissue of Whitting Accomplices All tells of the global effort to control information with the digital signal.

Sometimes that which has been “taken in vain” is brought before its own unique “judgement”… [\”Will someone pass the CATCH-UP, please !?!\”]




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