Not just GM: They’re ALL KILLING…

2 12 2008


On July 23, 2008 this blog displayed the article “GM, What Else CAN They KILL? [GM, WHAT ELSE CAN THEY KILL ?] In only 5 months after you ignored the query we now see just WHAT ELSE they CAN KILL. [The RAVENSCAWL said…]

Now they plead as a super delinquent who’s been caught with ALL of their toys of mayhem finally dug from under their BEDS. And they’re ALL “self-made” beds. [In beds of their own designs.] Most of the American public has NO IDEA of what it takes to bring a product, let lone a ‘MOTOR VEHICLE’, to “MARKET”. From a “source” I’ve come to know that as I write these bits of ‘information’ the model years of 2010 are “in” production as you read this. The frightening fact is that those guys in the offices of the “big” three (‘plus’) AND those of ‘labor’ both know just how much it will take to make this ‘preserve’ “that which has been ESTABLISHED”. What these well meaning folks need to understand is that NOTHING LASTS FOREVER.

If ALL sides of this bad penny of thought would think of how much we “ALL” are being asked, ( and SOME have volunteered! As in the GOOD of the MANY OUTWEIGH THE NEEDS of THE FEW. Thank You, Gene Roddenberry!), to “sacrifice” for a GREATER GOOD. Like in feeding and housing our children and selves. The main problem is that the management of ALL these “entities” that are begging for my TAX AND RETIREMENT DOLLARSSSSSSSSSSS still think that a GOLD encrusted parachute is as SAFE as it is “fashionable”, there is NO ALCHEMY enabled from the U.S., ( let alone the world.), citizenry to continue this OBNOXIOUS RUSE ANY LONGER.

If these “people” wish to continue in “business” it cannot remain “AS IS”. As every one of us are calling to a HIGHER POWER for an escape route from what WE HAVE CREATED the perpetrators now are now begging for half of the several BILLIONS that they flew their PRIVATE JETS INTO WASHINGTON,D.C. for. I consider that act MORE AUDACIOUS than ANY poorly trained TERRORIST’S ACTIONS. [SNAKES don\’t HAVE KNEES.]

I contacted Sherrod Brown, who I’ve known for a time, and Carl Levin… It took too much time to attempt to get the “Beltway” gang. (omegetymon: “On Contacting Our Legislators”.)




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