If Wishes Were Fishes…

12 11 2008

…We’d ALL cast nets.

I’ve BEEN casting this net for some time now. The fish that I’m most interested in is TIME, a commodity that placed itself on a bier to remind the community of Columbus, Ohio on November 7,2008. The face that glowed from the bier was that of Channel 10 morning news anchor HEATHER PICK. A short, but impressive life lived with complete HONESTY and OPENNESS that only a WOMAN of COURAGE could while battling BREAST CANCER. She did so every morning for 6 years, a SMILE that kissed you on the forehead from behind the news desk.

Even though ‘we’ knew that Heather HAD to be in PAIN she’d crush it with a dominance of WILL. There were episodes of her sharing the many complications of what WOMEN bravely negotiate to remain the cornerstone of their family, from offspring to employer.

Mrs. Joseph Pick brought a DAUGHTER, (Julia), and a Son, (Jack), into the world and into many lives throughout the medium called television. from the plethora of wigs built to cover the blessed but naked pate dipilitated by CHEMO-THERAPY Heather gave us a final report sporting a Breast Cancer PINK wig with her usual aplomb.

I touched her extraordinary presence when she was on a ‘remote’ broadcast at the corner of Broad and Third Streets a few years ago, just after her return from her first bout with something that is previlant within my own family, I mentioned the “RECOVERY WATCH” idea to her but her videographer beconned her to the story she was working and we never spoke again, even though she’d handed me her card. I pray that something MORE can be done to STOP the devastations of CANCERS so that the Good DON’T have to die so young.

As I started this note on the subject of ‘NETS’ I’m hoping the idea of the “Recovery Watch” can aid to the raising of RESEARCH FUNDS so that the number of Cancer, ( and other maladays.).’victims’ becomes a NET of ZERO.

I’d dearly love to help start helping others “CAST THEIR NETS” against diseases that TAKE our loved ones… as FAMILY is ALL of US.

(To find a descripton of what the “Recovery Watch” is read the two previous posts on this site then contact me at dellisr.mccammon@yahoo.com, it may assist in finding a part to the CURE.)

Heathers bloom diminished.



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