Creating FOR Heaven…

22 10 2008

…While Holding My Pass to HELL         

This post is to, and, for any and all who seek the good, to expand and share its understandings and patience’s. To you, who’ve been blessed with enough ‘fortune’ that you’ve created, then enacted entities that may assist others’ attempts at “making a difference”.

There are those of us who don’t live our lives with the “blessings” of the “HERD”, “TZIZITS”, wondering wanderers; those that know the garbages cast with glaring inconspicuousies along the “ancient” roads of survival. The “cry in the wilderness” is only to, or for, ourselves. A racked “mewling” that sometimes grows into the truths we know escaping to echo across empty walls that have lost their volumes by the time they’ve caught your ears. You, most often, dismiss these as a ghostly “wool”, even though tour eyes weren’t involved. Isn’t it “funny”how a true description can fill the mind’s eye?

As there are too many maladies that have so much effect/ affect to “living” I’ve been tattooed with one of these echoes and it “became” from my last days in the Columbus, Ohio Salvation Army A.R.C.. I’d been sitting with a fellow ‘participant’ who’d been one  of the Viet Nam “WAR” era’s “GOLDEN TRIANGLE” STOCKHOLDERS.  One of the truly ‘spit-on’ of our “society”. A MAN with a middleweight’s gait, speech pattern and build, “HURRICANE”-esque. Holding enough nascent intelligence that afforded him to master the necessary ‘code’ structures in a WEEK’s time to be commissioned soon after BOOT CAMP.  To be thrown into War’s fraternal kin… DRUG ADDICTION, too often glorified by HOLLYWOOD, (Almost ANY Viet Nam genre film has a Heroin using African-American foot soldier in their “tellings”.), that involved America’s trained “LETHAL WEAPONS”.

We’d been going over Bill W.’s twelve steps and how one must KEEP, and remain “ON SQUARE”. Doing so by REMEBERING, (this IS the crux of this post.), EACH AND EVERY DAY, WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR of the FREEDOMS we’ve attained from the stupidity and  DEGRADATIONS we knew in our addictions.

(I now have “qualified” to you what I must to give out this ‘Idea‘, and my plea for assistance of bringing it to realization.) As we sat at table talking while playing an instructional game of “Mid-West” ‘URBAN’ rules DOMINOES, WILLIAM BECKHAM sat with  his arms protecting the seven rounded-end, rectangle pieces of “IVORY”, constantly “twisting” the ‘BEZEL’ ring of his WATCH. When he’d repeated the term of remembering the DAY, WEEK, MONTH AND YEAR factor a“GOLDEN KLEIG”  appeared over my head.

I’ve spoken to digital watch companies in China, which want a ‘minimum’ order of 15 to 25,000 pieces, besides the charges of the design work. Of American companies Timex does everything “in-house”, nothing allowed from “outside sources”. ( Closing themselves from true innovation. A very familiar event in our “current” [see ‘trickle-down’] “ECONOMY”.) Dakota, of Cincinnati, Ohio… the SAME. Fossil, in TEXAS, couldn’t understand what I “wanted” of them,this emailed by a Divisional President, ( another “OMINOUS” event coming out of TEXAS.), my three following emails couldn’t BURN AWAY their fogs. Rich watches, even though the OWNER is a CANCER SURVIVOR, ( who DOES  count HIS DAYS, WEEKS, MONTHS AND YEARS of freedom of its devastations, could not provide anything other than a company logo style . In this, CHAD-THE-WATCHGUY of HENNE JEWELERS and a blog owner of great expertise, hasn’t been able to HELP this “QUEST” of a formerly inhibited ‘QUIXOTE’. And as touted as the LANCE ARMSTRONG FOUNDATION self advertises they TOO don’t/won’t assist in the implimentations of ‘INNOVATIONS FOR “THE CURE”‘.

I now put this to PUBLIC “view”, knowing  fully that this “leap of faith” ma ybe copied , then stolen, in this ‘Nation’s’ atmosphere of capitalistic GREED and governmental “proffessional/corporate PROTECTIONISM. This coming ‘FRESHNESS’ from the son of  THE Ohio State University’s Arthur G. James CANCER Hospitals’ oldest living survivor,( 34 years and  counting. SIX different bouts won. ), vebally offering this to a gaggle of their “UP ON the ROOF” event people… rewarded with a cursory ” good luck”. I must give a hardy ‘THANK YOU’ to Cameron James and family for the help of his father’s namesake and their skill and research.

So here’s the climax. A simple digital display of the “count-up” function, ( A programmer could SIMPLY deleat the “count-down section of the programming on the  function chip on the “board”.), of DAY, WEEK, MONTH and YEAR. ( There’s a ” mother- to-be” computer program that counts UP to 99 years after the child’s birth.) With this simple gesture of engineering ‘REMISSIONS’, ‘RECOVERIES’, and in the case of  HIV/AIDS prevention the TIME of AVOIDANCE AND SURRVIVAL are CO-COUNTED. ( I hope someone in the  46664 FOUNDATION answers ANY of the THREE emails sent. Hello Mr. Mandela I hear that the City of DURBIN plans to LEGALIZE PROSTITUTION during the coming WORLD CUP matches of 2009 !?!)

Life IS life, and like a Diamond, it’s the HARDEST Natural thing on EARTH, only EARTH has a NONILLION TIMES more FACETS. I’ve already designed and woven my personal HANDBASKET, but now I want to replace some of the DEFINING CONTENTS.

As for my ‘short-time’ MENTOR, WILLIAM BECKHAM, he’s no longer, physically,  among us, (Except his SON, a pre-teen.), a man that developed a heart conditiion. He left us as he’d had enough of a system that won’t allow a person to “change sides”. His adddiction had him meet the Judicial system and his “stint” at the A.R.C. was a probationary provision. Upon leaving he’d entered Columbus State University, in Columbus, Ohio, to becomea DRUG PREVENTION Counsellor. His parol officer attempted to force William into what she termed a more appropriate, “system approved”, avenue for him. So, in order to free himself William opted for his last few “SHELVED” months of jail time to free himself totally. On a November, (or December ? ), ( I found this event out a year  later. ), WILLIAM BECKHAM hadn’t been receiving his REQUIRED MEDICATIONS in jailupon going into the exercise area his HEART gave out on his way there. His Mother told me this over the phone then asked me how my brother “Chick’ was ? In a confused haze I told her that “Chick” wasn’t my brother but my father’s BROTHER’S NICKNAME…

THEY had “dated” as friends, when younger, when she’d attended THE Ohio State University… WILLIAM BECKHAM was ”FAMILY’ !?!

I’ve written this OFFERATIONAL POST to HONOR his memory, to, and FOR, all the “BRILLIANT SUFFERERS” looking to change the “contents” of their ‘baskets’. So they can start “Creating FOR Heaven”.

Arthur G. & Katherine T., William & Linda. Sisters Longaberger, you all know WHY your foundations were started. Are you willing to take as big a step as I have here ? If so, contact The ONLY thing left to do is have someone manufacture this.





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