Cryo Messege Given to Flyers’ Owner by New Yorkers

12 10 2008

As an interesting slap to the Republican election machine the New York Rangers beat the $25,000 campaign donation drivenCELEBRITY-PUCK-DROP” guested by Vice-Presidential candidate SARAH PALIN as “America’s GREATEST Hockey Mom”. [Greatest Hockey Mom ?]

The L.A. Times ran an article headlined “SARAH PALIN BOOED” on 10/11/08 giving the observation that the Philadelphia Flyer fans present booed the Alaskan governor so loudly that the house DJ had to turn the speaker system up to the level of “12”, trying to drown out the DEAFENING DISAPPROVAL of what this woman represented to the city that aided in the BIRTH OF THIS,( NOT A ), NATION. Adding to Mrs. Palin’s near ABSOLUTE ZERO reception was the owner’s team receiving a loss at the hands of the team that GROUND ZERO resides in. I’m quite sure that those first responders’ friends and families all have a fond appreciation of how well the REPUBLICAN PARTY AND THE BUSH ADMINISTRATION have provided recognition of the EXTENDED NEED of HEALTH-CARE for the ESCALATING deteriorizations happening to those that inhaled the fumes of the FALSE FLAGGED DUAL INFERNOS of THE WORLD TRADE TOWERS. ( Doesn’t it seem “strangely” ironic that the ‘name’ of the buildings “attacked” at the beginning of this “OCTO-MARE” have shown to be the MALIGNANCY now coursing through “THE WORLD of TRADE” itself ? AT the ‘END’ of said GLOBAL HORROR ? )

Just before dropping that ceremonial puck Mrs. Palin cordially shook the hand of the host team’s representative, but KISSED, (presumably on the cheek), the opposition’s SCOTT GOMEZ, ( GOING for that LATIN VOTE ! ). In inviting the “could-be- VEEP” Flyer owner WALLY NUNN was quoted in saying that, He was:” disappointed in John McCain’s coming to Barack Obama’s defence”… in responce to the various racially tauntful statements being leveled from the Republican camps throughout the country. [You don\’t say !] With this type of atmosphere surrounding an American business rooted in INTERNATIONAL SPORTS I wonder how the few players “of colour” feel about their “boss’s” view, especially the team “enforcer”: DONALD BRASHEAR, Nephew of CARL BRASHEAR , the man whose NAVAL career was told in the movie: MEN OF HONOR. A man born in the mid-western state of INDIANA, raised in the nation of our northern neighbor CANADA, where the slaves of the ANTEBELLUM times here in America settled after chasing ” THE DRINKING GOURD” ?

Philadelphia fans must forgive me for not naming Ed Snider as owner.




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14 10 2008
Palin Drops the Puck By Dave Zirin & Daniel Denvir

[…] Cryo Messege Given to Flyers’ Owner by New Yorkers […]

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