The Check(ed) is in the MAIL-IN

2 10 2008

As of the date October first, Two-Thousand eight (A.D.), the state of Ohio has allowed its citizenry the right to vote for their chosen candidates early. Beginning with the choice of an “on-site” register-vote-send operation of a tweaking of ABSENTEE voting the concerned YOUTH, throughout the state, actually camped on the lawns of ‘OFFICIAL’ POLLING SITES to make sure THEIR VOICE was heard. I applaud these seekers of CONSTITUTIONAL exercize, in that they are the ground troops that just may force the REINSTATEMENT of what this nation was FOUNDED ON/FOR, and given up in eight years.

But there is a really bad sign that has been generated by the STATE of Ohio ELECTION BOARD… As I have registered to place my VOTE, via the ABSENTEE method, I thought that the political parties’ bombardments could be avoided, NO SUCH THING !!! The THIRD DAY (!!!!) after I’d returned my request “of”, four days BEFORE I’d even seen the items “of”, there were three paper flyers EACH from the Democratic Party/ Republican Party candidates. On three different levels, local, state and, of course, national. What roasts my radishes is that very FACT that OUR “electoral” officials, those who are SUPPOSED to make sure that OUR voting proccesses are PRIVATE AND UNTAMPERED are giving these CARRION GOURMANDS as much information that they can “SKYGLE”, ( TOM SKYPE+GOOGLE= two privacy pirates of Chinese citizens… AND ?). Just how far has the Cheney/Bush Patriot “hacked” reached into our lives !?! I KNOW that my cellphone is listened to by ‘people’, ( I HAVE CONFIRMATION.), who I haven’t exchanged numbers with. So WHO gave these Vipers MY PERSONAL VOTING INFORMATIONS ? And if that weren’t bad enough they are sending these pleas on NEW PAPER stock, not RECYCLED. Just how DID these global hooligans get my cell number, to waste energy AND my time. I know who I want to represent me, ANYONE OTHER THAN WHO HAS BEEN THERE for the last Twenty years.

AS my friend RAVENSCAWL has said many times, “There IS no two party system anymore, it’s just the PURPLE Party“, ( No offence to PRINCE.), and you DON’t HAVE to WONDER about the passing of that $ 700 BILLION, THEY’VE ALREADY GIVEN their favorite “CONstituantS” $ 630 BILLION just last week.

Well it’s too close to call for this national “MUCKING” of America Will we see growth positive, or, growth malignant ? It’s DEFINATELY OUR CALL.




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