They Won’t Stake Their “REPUTATIONS”…

23 09 2008

…But HAVE the LIFE of a NATION !

The ”POWERS THAT BE” have grown enough WOOL over the past 24 years that “every” AMERICAN now wears it over their eyes, and can change it twice as often as the best throw-away contact lenses. The scenario played out to get us into IRAQ has been repackaged in the latest ‘VIGNETTE’ of our economy’s being totally handed over to those European OIL COMPANIES that now OPENLY OWN OUR BANKS.

FEAR WORKED so well for the “PURPLE” team that this script, ( This term is an ANTAGONYM. 1.=A story created to, either frighten, or enlighten someone. 2.= Something ‘injested’ either legally,or crushed and snorted.), of corporate ‘SNAKE-OIL’ will be WILLINGLY DRAGHTED by “ALL” far past this, and all ensuing elections to come.

No matter what party “WINS” this “choosing of” the KBR built prisons around US are primed for the “celebrations”. GUY FOLKES has no relatives residing here. I know this because this “NATION”, as a “HOLE”, has collectively volenteered to sacrificially roast their children to a “god” that digitally mandates it.

I “can’t” go on with this thought so I’ll close now, before I say something offensive… …Speaking of OFFENSIVE, how are you going to deal with being put in the same positions that won’t earn YOU 40 acres and a Mule ? Offensive is: Those that tout themselves as “IN THE KNOW”, as far as what IS happening around this world, but have sold their very soles, ( They don’t want to touch the ground, which is the bottom line of this EARTH to the Universe, the other spelling is up for debate. ), in the avoidance of suffering the new laws of the land.THEY HAVEN’T TOLD YOU THAT:

1.) The $700 billion “bailout” is what big OIL’S PROFITS equal for these same eight years… AND THEY OWN THE BANKS !

2.) America has SYSTEMATICALLY BEEN CUT OFF from the world’s inclusion of being someone they’d like to live “NEXT TO”.

3.) China AND Russia are more welcome trading partners than the U.S.

4.) The only Nations that will work freely with us are Mexico and Canada… And they’re under pressure.

5.) The nations of South America are being ‘protected’ by Vladimir Putin against possible Iraqi-esque aggression for the “securing” of “NATIONAL RESOURCES”.

6.) ALMOST every nation within close range of us has NATIONALIZED its natural resources to stop the manipulations that are destroying THIS country.

7.) The debt that our government has built can’t be paid off within your great-great-great grandchildren’s lifetime.

I usually have some sort of visual in this blog… But HAVEN’T YOU SEEN ENOUGH !?!




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27 09 2008
BailOut! SoldOut! « RAVENSCAWL

[…] They Won’t Stake Their “REPUTATIONS”… […]

27 09 2008

A well written post that encapsulates the disasters waiting and those already arriving. I used to feel so sad that I lost four children in different stages of pregnancy; today I am finally able to have joy that they will not be trapped. No control coupled with no voice is hard to bear.

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