Greed Is GOOD?

9 09 2008

This post was inspired by a commentor to an article placed on CITIZENTOOLS,( his name given is STEVE. He asked what the POINT was of the days blog, I could only tell him that it was “to make folks THINK”. He seemed to have gotten the impression that I was touting the candidacy of BARACK OBAMA, the fact is that I can’t tell anyone WHO to vote for just for them to be studious enough to weigh the situations of what is REALLY happening in AMERICA and the WORLD. Without the Ostrich-like study of below soil fear that most are in the middle of at present.

Voter "knowledge".

Voter "knowledge".

I wonder if those that view the world through rouge lenses are aware of just how much they’ve surrendered to those who seek to make THEM slaves ? We all should be aware of political rapes, such as TAMMANY HALL, teapot dome, Prescott Bush and, quite recently, the *Jack Abramoff lobbying influencings that are so close to the soon, ( not soon enough!), to be leaving G.W. Bush. [… And STILL COUNTING !] [Pick one, any one.]


What with even more of our legislators being found to have pocketed the perks of GREED, [Greed]. STEVE said that those of us with real questions of ‘right’ are PARANOID ? I do NOT see things that are not there. These things that HAVE transpired touch us everyday, and if this man hasn’t felt anything from the gas pumps to his taxes, his mortgage to his neighborhood schools turning out college graduates that can’t find a country that’s having $10 BILLION sent through it a day, then he’s got the life of one who is too rich and needs to stop watching reruns of AMOS and ANDY. Besides not having ANY compassion for HIS neighbors conditions.

How many Americans see things as STEVE does, thinking that it’s proper to “fix” another nations problems with a gun… or a ‘gift’ dropped from a plane named after ones MOTHER ? ( And WHY didn’t Germany receive that like deterrent, save that they looked like those who were in power ?) Of the 1% that are receiving the current tax cuts who of them will have the audacity to quote a Martin Moeller-like observance when their walls are breeched?

DOESN’T Steve know that they’d dammed up the “TRICKLE DOWN” as soon as they’d made it PUBLIC? So IS greed really GOOD ?




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