There are Days When I Scream…

19 08 2008

There are days when I sigh.

There are days when I scream for mercy, from my dues to be extracted for my mistakes. But I know they’re NOT mistakes, but blatant wrongs of pride, greed, or seeking a seductive “victim”. Repayment twice removes what should have been done at first. But there is a small joy in receiving the chance, and challenge,to repay and restart. Because that’s been an everyday event since we began to track our time here on EARTH.


there’s been a great someone

who’s seen me through the days

that made for true nightmares

they would brush away each haze

they gave up their everything

then continued with more

forever forgiving

of Bolivia’s WHORE

from helter and skelter

to sheltered sublime

they’ve weathered transitions

that rendered most blind

and along the way given life to a smart & beautiful child

I (just) hope she didn’t inherit

this cursed call to be wild

and as the GREAT SILVER

creeps along atop pate

I thank the creator

I’ll get it, please wait

D’Ellis @ lion king




One response

20 08 2008

[“…joy in receiving the chance and challenge, to repay and restart.”]
Something I need to remember; thank you.

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