More Oil More Rice

15 08 2008


The McClatchy Newspaper group has been posting “Jokes about the Olympics.” One happened to grab my attention; I couldn’t laugh but sat there mulling it over.


During the opening ceremony a large globe rises from the floor of the National Stadium nicknamed the “Bird Nest”. Standing on top are two singers with attractive high pitched voices; the song they share is called “You and Me,” sung in Chinese.


For your consideration: McClatchy’s joke of the day from Beijing, as posted by Tom Johnson, August 13, 2008.


Another joke is about the song sung at the opening ceremony, “You and Me.” The English “you” sounds like the Chinese word for “oil” and English “me” happens to sound like the Chinese word for “rice.” So many people say the song reflects the “One World, One Dream” so precisely because the world is expecting more oil and rice.


Maybe I just missed it… did you feel like laughing?





2 responses

17 08 2008

Okay, looking at “possibly generated posts”: Condoleeza Rice/Chevron oil tanker named after her… hmm? Yeah, one oil, one rice… so nice!

15 08 2008

Thanks om

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