What Has Happened to US ?

1 08 2008

I really don’t have much to say today, which is VERY strange for me. I’ve pondered the different “news” agencies’ many views of tripe and have come to the realization that because of the world of BLOGGING that those who control the informations available to this world of graphics, whether words or pictoral snippets of something someone has caught, we here in this electronic ether all have an opinion that the corporate control freaks don’t want opened. Ever since I was young people have ranted that I “TALK TOO MUCH”, and this is all too true, but if a person isn’t able to turn off all the questions that are running into each other in their head then what can be done?

I’m not a sports nut who is so enthralled with the seasonal battles of the many modern coliseums that have risen here to slake our blood lust of this time. I have no reason to seek enjoyment from the actions of young folks who are trained in the arts of physical demolitions like American football on its televised scheduling. The sad part for most of these young men is that they are blind to the system of weeding out those who have been given for too much leeway in their lives just because one small part of their earthly presence has a desirable outcome, for such small time increments. The time they spend in ‘PLAYING’ the game when they begin to LEARN it is quite small to the many other things that MUST become part of their personage in this society. And when the, less than, one percent reach the “goal” of “STAR” they have taken PLAY and have allowed others to make it A JOB. Fantastic salaries are given to these Mount Olympus residenced few. The problem, that most of us who’ve taken the time to stay acquainted with these men, is that we’ve learned that the businesses that gave then so much money when they could out run, out muscle, out jump, out anything that pertained to football didn’t assist them for when they were no longer useful. A very known view to most of this country’s workers today. I read where GENERAL MOTORS will rid itself of another 5100 family providers of late while the ones that drew up and made the four wheeled ‘SCUDS’ are not going to a home that is wondering about their ability to pay the bills. Millions of dollars is a great safety net, especially when you can throw away something and still continue blundering. It’s too bad that the U.S. consumer hasn’t learned from the many examples of their sports heroes not having anywhere to go after so much service… Earl Campbell finds it hard to walk or even stand now. Jim Otto had a device made so that he could put on his pants, because he could no longer bend his waist or legs.

This scenario has the same outcome from everything happening in our country as I write these words, and still my fellow citizens swallow the false promises of 401k’s to social “security”, sighing a relief, daily, as they try to find enough money to keep what they were told was a “DREAM” from having the make-up wash away to let them see the monsters gorging on their blood… AND their CHILDREN.

They start us early, then build this fantastic world that so few realize in a lifetime. That is why faith is so important, there has to be something better than what we’ve been shown. And believed. What happened to us?

In only "eight" years.

In only "eight" years.

I’ve participated in most of the many sports that were available when I was young. But when it stood in the way of me getting to where I should have been it lost much of the fun in the creativity.There are too many people who have something to give to the world and it’s time for “LEADERSHIP” to open doors for those who dream well. My question was, what has happened to us… we’ve gotten so greedy that we won’t add just one item to the stone soup that we started as.




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3 08 2008

guest author Dixie says:
When growing up I constantly heard how great America was and I thought to add my two cents to continuing our progress. Years of almost total ruin through addiction changed things up and I lost my dreams for many years. Unfortunately a lot of “us” were seduced into the “alternate dream” of what mind-opening things we could do if we stayed stoned. Timothy Leary came to mind as I related to your sports-MEN-shattered dreams.

1 08 2008

“My question was, what has happened to us…”

We did~ Through our own visions, we sought to unmake ourselves from the images of our fathers..(and mothers) We were so sure we knew better, (Just as all children).

We did~ Having never thought to look behind the curtain, to glimpse the mechanism’s behind those images, allowing for corrosion and more smoke.

So “My question is” why bother when no one listens, no one sees, no wants to know, why try?

Because my friend… we are awake.

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