A Day of Mistakes

27 07 2008

Omberto Singh was just a single laborer in a craft that had been looked down on for centuries. Through the course of the craft’s history those that practiced it were never known to anyone outside of those that were practitioners, and the ‘elite’ groups that they served… the “Storyists”. But there were times that ” Celebre’ ” and ” Wantists” held Extravaganzas to draw the locals who’d found an interest in their ‘FAIRS’ or their policies of rule. For the past few days Omberto, and his fellow dozen, assisted in the assemblage of the current extravaganza, with its international implications. All lifted and placed the required assortments of light, sound and sceneries that were to identify the purposes of the meeting.

On the day of the event the “officers of planning” brought in three types of “Protectionists”: the ‘Shadowmen’, the “Townlaws” and the “Provincial Seens”. This event was special and the safety for both of the event’s ‘Primes’ was PARAMOUNT. Now for the past eight years the entire land had been living with an enhanced, but false, sense of personal fear. And even though in his craft Omberto often tread as if on a thin glass flooring, today’s steps were barefoot on hoarfrost over carpet tacks. Even so Omberto was in habit of having any tool necessary in order to accomplish an ordered task. In that, at the final rush to complete how the primaries would look under the lights Omberto had been sent to the uppermost bank of lights. Changing, singly, in just minutes what had taken three people an hour to set earlier. Tools are a supreme necessity so they were on his hip, like any good “slinger”. This is the premiere mistake of Omberto’s thinking and habits of preparedness for his job, with the hyper-paranoia prevalent on the agenda of ALL the ‘protectionists’ Omberto carried his tools outside the “safety zone” to his ultimate loss of the day’s employment.

Story Background: People of Omberto’s country had grown into non-listeners, ones that caught the basic words but not the nuances of expression and influx. Equating a situation more narrowly than a nanometre, without the linking of how each may use a same tool for a specific, but different, job. In that Omberto’s story may be just a small vignette of the ‘Novella’ being written as you read this.

This was an actual event that happened 7/23/08 in Columbus, Ohio. Obviously much has been changed…except for the event itself.




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