GM, What Else Can They Kill?

23 07 2008

WITH their two little brothers what ARE we to make of the ‘IN LINE’ vehicle reductions given!?

While VolkwagenAG has chosen Chattanooga, TN to build new cars and employ 2000 newly hired workers U.S. automobile “maker”, General Motors is cutting their salaried workers by 20% while the GM board has “REWARDED” current C.E.O. G. Richard Wagoner Jr. with a 64% pay raise to $15.7 million, (2007), from a paltry $9.57 million, (2006). Part of the proposed 20% includes the loss of HEALTH BENEFITS for RETIREES,

We are witnessing how the corporate LEVIATHAN is feeding on us while feeding us all the wrong “goodies” to get us to.. from. The following terse is an example of such, it’s called the “EV1”. An all electrically powered automobile that got 75 to 150 miles to the charge, but could annihilate the Mazda Miata or Nissan 300ZX in an “all out” drag race []. General Motors decided to not grant ownership to any that wanted to KEEP THEIR BELOVED ‘Green’, mean driving machine, as you see below.

so much for the future

so much for the future

The company cited that the car didn’t fit what Americans “wanted” in a vehicle in 1997, not allowing battery technology to catch up to this wonderful first try by a major American automobile manufacturer. Thus giving foreign makers the ‘go ahead’
to take U.S. dollars back to their homes.It seems that the general thought of management was coupled to the American oil companies strategies of bilking their kid’s classmates, and their parents, of being able to get somewhere often and economically. While foreign makers more than doubled that ability for a time then drew back a bit. We know this by statistics provided by corporate statements themselves. There ISN”T an American vehicle that gets 40 mpg today, while the Mini Cooper D for the 2009 model year strokes a 64 mpg humbling of each of our “big three”.
Detroit please catch up.

Detroit please catch up.

There are ONE-HUNDRED AND THIRTEEN 40+ mpg vehicles spanking the gas pump around the world.
The next time you hear someone mention the “BIG THREE” ask if they mean ‘OPEC’,
our politicians, or the Whitehouse staffs of the last 40 years.
AS of July 22, 2008 General Motors and American Electric Power announced that they are going to combine
their energies to bring about an all U.S. effort to bring the vehicle that G.M. scrapped, ( literally.), just a
few short years ago. Again, like the movie industry and McDonald’s, we will be inundated with A-side
BARNUM-isms coupled to the B-side of ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’.




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25 07 2008

proof that GM’s only intention is to further escalate Gas consumption

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